Carpenters Tribute UK

My professional singing career started in 2013 and it was a few years before it developed into a tribute show. Like millions of others I am a lifelong fan of the Carpenters & grew up listening to and being influenced by their music, so as my singing career developed it seemed a perfectly natural (if not a little daunting) path to follow by paying tribute to the incredible music and iconic sound created by Karen & Richard.

Since starting out on my tribute journey I have had such wonderful interactions with my clients and audience members sharing their own memories and love of the Carpenters. There is an enormous sense of genuine affection for them with their songs being intertwined with our childhoods and family life that it is an absolute privilege and pleasure to perform my tribute, and I love hearing the stories and memories everyone has connecting them to the songs - I get completely caught up in the energy and nostalgia!

Carpenters Tribute UK is available in 2 x 45minute, 1 x 1hour or 1 x 2hour performance format

I am based in South East England, but I am happy to travel and have performed across the UK and Europe.

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