Blue India, Billingshurst

Whether you are looking for authentic Indian cuisine or fusion nouvelle cuisine, we can guarantee the highest quality, both in food and service.  We believe that Indian cuisine is a combination of subtle tastes. Flavours are as varied as the climate and as exotic as the people of India. The appreciation of spices and their combination is an acquired art and can only be achieved after many, many years of studied blending, cooking and tasting.At Blue India, we value our patrons opinions and concerns in the modern day world of health consciousness - our scrumptious food is prepared only with sunflower oil that is low in cholesterol, with freshly ground spices, without the use of artificial flavours and colourings. I have worked very hard to perfect this fine art without compromising on taste and authenticity. Our Chef:  Our chef Is one of the most celebrated Indian chefs of his generation. He travelled the world as chef to the President of India and since then has worked in the top five star hotels in India. Blue India (Billingshurst) will combine his wealth of experience with a chance to deliver some of the most innovative Indian food found anywhere in the South of England. As well as we keep two Chef's from old Monsoon Indian restaurant, so it's a combination of old and new team. We are confident that after sampling our culinary delights you will agree that there is nothing but the best at Blue India. We take pride in welcoming you again and again. We are renowned for our signature dishes. The food of India, not just Indian food. We hope you enjoy the experience. Blue India Management.

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